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Much like adults, it is important for kids to shape up their body and build their strength from a tender age. Due to unhealthy lifestyle these days and too much of junk foods, kids are gaining way too much weight. Moreover, they are more interested in playing video games rather than focusing on outdoor activities. That results in obesity problems from a very young age.

But, with us at Vijo Fitness and Lifestyle, you will receive proper exercising programs, designed specifically for the little kids out there. If you want your child to remain fit and healthy in the long run, then our Kids training programs from our well-trained professionals will be your answer.

Helping your child to improve in a sport: Have you ever thought if your child has an interest towards any particular sport? If so, then we welcome you to come and join us right away! We have specific training programs designed for sports activities. So, that way, your kids will not just get to improve their stamina but will also come to learn more about the sports they love, in detail. We are not just offering fitness, but education as well!

Why join our Kids gym? Do you wish your little one to start learning about fitness from a tender age? If so, then we are so ready to offer you with some specialized kids’ training programs. The main goal is to help achieve goals and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Exercising from a small age will actually help them to make this a habit!

  • We have well-trained professionals, who are ready to offer specified kids training to help improve flexibility and also posture to the next level.
  • Then there are some specific training sessions for any sports or athletic activities. The main goal of these programs is to improve stamina, mobility, endurance and more.
  • Don’t worry if your kids are way too young. We have worked with clients who are as young as 6 years. So, we have quite some experience under our belt and know how to tackle young kids and get the task done!
  • Furthermore, we make our gym sessions a lot more fun and interesting and we have separate boxing classes for teens and kids out there. If you want your little ones to learn how to protect themselves and their near ones, then these boxing classes will be a great starting point!
Now you know! The points mentioned above clearly portray why we are one of the best names while looking for kids gym dubai. Don’t worry if you have hyperactive kids by our side. Our gym sessions and programs will help them to learn the art of controlling their hyper nature. Visit for more details

Kids gym dubai Do you think your child has an interest towards any specific sport or do you wish your child to start learning about fitness at a young age? We offer specialized kids’ training programs to help them achieve their goals and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Specific kids training to improve posture, flexibility etc.
  • Specific training for any athletic or sports activities – improve stamina, agility, mobility etc.
  • We have clients as young as 6 years
  • Boxing classes for kids and teens